PayUp is a mobile application for managing and paying one’s invoices

We bring flexibility to end-user’s financial challenges by offering different ways for users to get their bills into the app, and multiple ways to pay them. And as a result, biller’s cashflow is faster and steadier, even when customers don’t have money to pay all the bills on time.

User can pay bills by bank or by credit card or ask for a payment extension (other payment methods can be added, if needed). Bills can be bundled for easier payment, so user can choose whether to pay one, few or maybe even all open bills in one go.

If user doesn’t have enough money to pay bills in time, they can ask for a payment extension. PayUp gets the money from the creditor, and then uses that to pay user’s bills forward to original payees

Paid invoices are archived so they can be easily found afterwards. When all invoices can be found in the same place, the user has a better overall view of their own financial situation.

Benefits for partners

More customers
from collaboration and cross-marketing

More income
from both old and new customers

Better service for
the customers — a new competitive edge

For investors

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