The SEPA landscape is shifting — what are we looking for?

An ideal investor would be a venture capital company with good connections to European banking and fintech. A good investor partner could also be a fintech or a bank with banking software and operations already in Europe.


The founders have combined experience of 50 years in billing, e-invoices and e-services (customer care and self-service), including projects like ”world’s first consumer e-invoice” and ”world’s first payment plan as self-service”, both generating huge cost savings / income (millions of euros yearly) for Telia. PayUp is based on these two innovations, but providing biller and bank independence for enhanced user experience.

As PayUp has been up and running in Finland for some time now, and new SRTP scheme is standardizing B2C e-invoicing in Europe, it is time to expand into other countries.


We don’t intend to change the world alone but by partnering with existing players in Europe. With our flexible partnering model, the co-operation partner benefits by getting more customers and income, and they can offer better service for their customers.

SRTP for the Win!

B2C e-invoicing in Europe is about to change due to SRTP (SEPA Request-to-Pay) scheme. Before there has been no international standard for delivering payments and e-invoices, but SRTP will remedy that by being a standard messaging layer for whole Single Euro Payment Area. As it works similarly to Visa and Mastercard networks, senders and receivers don’t need any contracts between them, making utilization easier.

”We estimate that there will be 4.9 billion SEPA Request-to-Pay transactions per annum in Europe in 2025”

Sopra Banking Software


Timo Juusela

CEO, Founder & Board member

Telia, KPMG and PayUp

Kari Honkanen

Lead Developer

Tieto and PayUp

Board of directors

Mikko Laine

Aventum and Mandatum

Jyrki Palojärvi

Reima and Clothing+

Jarkko Joki-Tokola

CRF Health and Lifeline Ventures

Advisory board

Janne Juusela

Castren & Snellman

Timo Ahopelto

CRF Health, Lifeline Ventures and Supercell

Aaron Michelin

Corporatum and Enersense

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Timo Juusela

CEO, Founder & Board member

PayUp Solutions Oy