PayUp offers variety of possibilities for different types of partnerships

We are looking for companies that
can benefit from co-operating with PayUp, e.g. creditors, neobanks and accounting software houses. PayUp can be tailored for many possibilies.

White label app
Separate PayUp app with partner’s own brand and tailored look and feel

Using as-is
Common PayUp embedded into or linked from partners app

Embedding using PayUp API
Partner can add PayUp features needed to their own app

Some mix of three previous ones
For example, embedding white label version into partners app


Example scenario

Bill has arrived (possibly via SRTP) to customer’s account of their mobile bank, which will provide two options: Pay now and Pay later.

A. If user chooses Pay now, payment shall be done immediately from the bank account, after which (copy of) the bill will be sent to PayUp for archiving.

B. If customer wants to pay the bill later, bank transfers it into PayUp (user’s Inbox) where user will have all the payment methods of PayUp available. Thus user can pay the bill at a suitable time, using e.g. credit card, or defer payment even more by requesting payment extension.

Benefits for partners

More customers
from collaboration and cross-marketing

More income
from both old and new customers

Better service for
the customers — a new competitive edge

Interested in partnering up with us? Let’s have a chat.

Timo Juusela

CEO, Founder & Board member

PayUp Solutions Oy